Royal Gem Brazil Fazenda Rainha Yellow Bourbon

Royal Gem Brazil Fazenda Rainha Yellow Bourbon

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Discover the pinnacle of coffee perfection with our Royal Gem Brazil Fazenda Rainha Yellow Bourbon. Nestled near São Sebastião da Grama in São Paulo, Brazil, the Fazenda Rainha estate spans 280 hectares, with 200 hectares dedicated to the cherished Yellow Bourbon coffee trees, some of which have been producing for over 50 years.

Under the stewardship of José Renato Gonçalves Dias, a legacy of coffee cultivation dating back to his great grandparents has been preserved and enhanced. As a trained agronomist, José marries his deep-rooted passion with scientific expertise, fostering a biodiverse ecosystem where microorganisms and beneficial insects thrive, ensuring the health and quality of the coffee crop.

Our pulped natural Yellow Bourbon coffee undergoes meticulous processing. Cherries are carefully sorted and floated to eliminate less dense and damaged beans, then depulped and laid out on patios for over 30 days to dry, with the mucilage intact, enriching the flavor profile. The beans are then stored in wooden silos until they are ready for milling and export.

The dedication to quality at Fazenda Rainha has not gone unnoticed, with its coffee consistently recognized among the top in Brazil's prestigious Cup of Excellence competition. José's commitment extends beyond the beans to the well-being of his team, providing onsite housing, healthcare, and education through a technical institute for their children.

Indulge in the exquisite taste of tradition and expertise with Royal Gem Brazil Fazenda Rainha Yellow Bourbon. Experience the legacy of quality that transcends generations and savors the distinct, rich flavors of one of Brazil's finest coffees.