Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh - 12oz

Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh - 12oz

  • $17.95

Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh from Kerinci is much cleaner than the typical wet-hulled Sumatras and does not contain the earthy tones that you might expect. The aroma produces a molasses-like sweetness, sweet nutty smells of praline and pecan, honey wheat bread, and a thin ribbon of chocolate. Sumatra in a light roast isn't typically recommended, but that's where this Sumatra shines. Hints of sorghum and rice syrups, a light caramel glaze, and a barley tea note come through. As well as a delicious dark honey flavor and a surprise accent of dried blackberry. 

This delicious coffee is from the region of Gunung Tujuh which is a higher elevation coffee zone around Mt. Kerinci. The local processer serves 24 farmer groups in the area, four of which are specifically women's farmer groups. This coffee is wet-hulled also known as giling basah. 

Flavor notes include: caramel, barley tea, dark honey, blackberry, nutty. 

Our coffee is sourced from single-origin farms that strive for sustainable economic impact through local job creation. 

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